Opinion Article: Learn How, Ideal Structure and Examples

Even in the university environment, not everyone knows or remembers all textual genres, but this is not a problem. In this text, below, you can check all the details to make an impeccable opinion article.

What is an opinion piece?

You first need to understand what an article of opinion is, so you can produce one. The opinion article is a dissertation-argumentative essay, where the author needs to express his point of view on a particular topic.

This does not mean that he will simply write what he wants and what he thinks. As the name itself indicates, argumentative-essay, there is a need for the text to contain well-founded and logical arguments, simply the opinion of the author has no value.

Check out the examples below to better understand:

  • I am against the death penalty, because that is not right. We must not kill anyone.
  • I am in favor of the death penalty, because this is the right thing to do. No more criminals!

Although they are simple examples, they define very well what should not be done in opinion articles. Simply state the point of view without any adequate defense. You should lecture on the subject and make it clear that you have a valid point. Check below a more suitable model:

I am against the death penalty. The country has no infrastructure. Many innocent people will die and many guilty people will live.

I am in favor of the death penalty. This would make criminals think twice before committing any crime. The crime rate would decline.

In that case, note that the two ideas had defenses with arguments. This is the correct standard to use in a dissertation-argumentative text.

It is common that when making an opinion article, the themes are usually always controversial, such as sexuality, drugs, religion, abortion, etc. He will hardly make articles about something that is notorious.

You will leave your opinion clear in the course of developing your article, but everything should be full of arguments. If your opinion on the subject is “X” you should explain a number of logical reasons for this, as well as, if possible, explain why it is not “Y”.

Another factor that you find in the opinion article is the presence of verbs in the imperative, that is, orders and instructions, such as “do”, “try”, “try”, “make no mistake”. All this favors the process of argumentation and introduces a tactic of persuasion.

The use of exclamations also serves to insert emotions into the text and make it more intense for the reader. While the use of question marks serve to lead the reader to a reflection. They are articulate, dynamic tactics and work very well to convince those who read.

Although effective, should not be the focus of the article, which should be based on the arguments. Shallow assumptions and an emotive text do not characterize a quality opinion article but rather the quality of the data and how everything is organized in a way that leaves the ideas clear and persuades the reader.

The arguments need to be grounded

When producing an opinion article, know that the arguments used must be true and reliable. Otherwise, it could be devalued. Here are a few tips to keep you in the loop:

Look for books, websites, academic productions and other sources, but all of them reliable. Basing your arguments on texts without much foundation can make your article invalid

As far as possible use survey data with numbers, this gives much more credibility to your opinion article. Sources need to be reliable and notorious

Everything needs to be connected. It’s no use filling your article with data and quotes, but that does not connect in a consistent way

You will need to have objectivity. There is no room for subjectivity in the opinion article. Even for more complex and theoretical subjects, everything needs to be adequate

To structure the opinion article you need to understand that it has a definite beginning, middle, and end

The beginning is the introduction. In it you present the theme and the problem or issue you will deal with in the text

The medium is development, which you present your arguments, the data, the whole opinion

The end is the conclusion, where you present the solutions to problems quickly and close the topic

The dissertation of master

A master’s dissertation is very much like an opinion piece. Except that the dissertation is a high-level academic work, while the opinion piece is usually produced in the early school years.

The size and complexity are also different. There is no ABNT rule specifying articles of opinion, while there are several dealing with the dissertation.

It is interesting to relate the two, as they are argumentative-essay texts and have the same basis. Although they are different in the sense of complexity, they are practically the same in structure and manner of production. These are types of texts where you must state your opinion about a fact, defending your point of view, with well-founded arguments.

And the subjectivity of the article?

When structuring the opinion article keep in mind that it should be as objective as possible. Of course, because it is an opinion, there will always be traces of subjectivity, be it the author’s experiences and studies, but as regards the structure of the text, everything must be clear.

If the subject is something more naturally subjective, such as a theory or research not yet confirmed, it means not that you can be more subjective or simply subjective at will, but rather that you should seek to compensate with objectivity and clarity in the organization of your ideas , what the subject, by itself, does not offer.

Producing any type of article

You have already understood everything you needed about the structure of a quality opinion article, but there are still several types of articles and textual genres that can relate or come to instill doubts into you. If this is the case, do not waste time. Get to know the Academic Project, which has all the necessary information so that you get on well in the academic and scientific environment, including ABNT rules, tips for each part and topics of your TCC, master’s degree and more.

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